About us

We are free atoms, if we could modify ourselves we would, but creating inventions that change the lives of millions of people will be enough.

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We are passionate about technology

Through the latest technologies we seek to bring innovative solutions at low costs. We are inspired by the people with whom we collaborate and we constantly pose global challenges seeking to make various tools available to meet these objectives, thus generating new opportunities.

A little bit more

We will do our best to improve the quality of life through technology.

Likewise, we seek that our project has a great social impact, with integration of the community as a whole, within a framework of innovation, education and technology. With this objective in mind, we have various social impact programs.

  • Atomic Lab + Education
  • Atomic Lab + Enterprises
  • Atomic Lab + Ambassadors


Prosthesis made by Atomic Lab


Ambassadors around the world


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Some other iniciatives.

Over the years we create new and innovative experiences

New programs of social impact, where technology generates a true social change.


Every day more schools are joining as ambassadors of the project. In this way we achieve a double impact: we help the person who needs a prosthesis, and the boys and girls of the schools learn code, technology and design, all empowered with a goal that motivates them to learn.



Throughout these years, we carry out various corporate social responsibility activities, where company employees learn about the assembly of prostheses proceeding to deliver them in one or more days to applicants from the nearest communities.


The Ambassador Companies program allows companies to collaborate with the project locally and for longer periods of time.


Meet the team behind Atomic Lab

Alexia Gozuk


Gerardo Schafer

Press and MKTG

Mauro Petrini


Cinthya Elizabeth Riquelme


Daiana Silva

Graphic designer

Gino Tubaro

Founder, CEO.

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